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Picture gallery from Daone 2008

Results Daone 2008

Results Men speed Results Women speed
Results Men difficulty Results Women difficulty

UIAA competition ice climbing regulations

International licence application form download
Competitors without a valid licence will not be classified in Ice Woirld Cup!!!

Season 2007:

Results Busteni difficulty:

Men difficulty

Women difficulty

World cup finished in Busteni!

Gallery of Busteni event

Final ranking 2007 men difficulty

Final ranking 2007 women difficulty

Final ranking 2007 men speed

Final ranking 2007 women speed

There has also been World championship speed competition in Busteni during the night from 8th to 9th February.
Results World championship men speed

Results World championship women speed

Competition in Kötschach-Mauthen has been well done and even with a lot of ice on the tower. Report

Sad news:
On 20th December our friend and excellent climber Hari Berger passed away when the ice hole called Eiskapelle collapsed on him during training.

Planet Mountain

Commission decision:

Spurs will be allowed in season 2006/7

Spurs or no spurs

There has been a debate about using or not using the spurs in IWC 2006/7. The fact is that modern climbers no longer use spurs even for the most difficult routes and that it is easier to make good routes for competition if spurs are not allowed.
But on the other hand we are now too late to change the regulations because of the following facts:
- some climbers will claim that they have trained with spurs and that the decision has been too late. Judges will have to either cut with saws spurs or disqualify competitors that will have spurs on their shoes what could lead to official complaints. As the existing regulations have been confirmed on UIAA board the compliant might be sucessfull for the competitor.
- as competition ice climbing is becoming an official olympic sport we must not play with regulations what means they can be changed but on time as a result of the decission of the Commission and following the legal procedure.
- feedback from equipment producers has been very negative and we might lose some sponsors if we take too fast decisions. That means the decision not to use spurs can be taken, but on time and legally what gives time also to equipment manufacturers.

So, dear fellow competitors please understand that not much could be done for this season. The only thing that could be done is a gentelman agreement between the best climbers not to use them and to change the regulations for the next season.


Meeting Courmayeur 27th May 2006

Different topich have been discussed, most of the members of the UIAA Commission, Organizers, local representatives and climbers were present. Workgroups for different topics have been formed and it has been decided that all the organizers wishing to organize a World cup event must first prove their ability by organizing an international event according to all UIAA regulations. So this season we'll only have 3 events, but it is sure that they will be on high level, well organized, with good routes and judged upon same rules.

Season 2005/6

Season 2004/5

Season 2003/2004 History

Please report me all the scheduled competitions and events in the season 2007/2008 !

The structure in Daone has been well prepared for the competitors and also for the climate changes.

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You can find more information about the Ice World Cup on the UIAA web site

or  here and download the regulations