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"Ice on Steel" - 1.Alpen-Eisklettercup 
includes four difficulty competitions on ice towers. The first two take place in Kötschach-Mauthen in Austria, the other two were in South and East Tirol. Here you can find overall RESULTS and some pictures of the Ice on steel pokal.

Below: Othmar fighting the final route in Fieberbrunn

Solčava was a place that hosted the 1st SLO championship on 26.and 27.1.2002!

See how it was 27.and 28.1.2001...

and how it was on January 2000!


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Bohinj race Slovenija
This competition was the only one on a natural wall and was among the first in Europe. Unfortunatelly this year it is likely to be canceled...

Schedule for the winter 2001/2002 events:

World cup events:

  • Kirov Russia 2.-5. January
  • Pitztal Austria 11.-12.January
  • Val D'Aone Italy 17.-20. January 
  • Saas Fee Switzerland 25.-26.January 
  • Quebec Canada 1.-3.March
  • Non World cup events:

  • 2.Int.Osterreichische Meisterschaften 4.-5.1.2002 Kötschach-Mauthen Austria (difficulty race on a 28m tower) Results 1.Alpen-Eisklettercup
  • 2.Int.Osterreichische Meisterschaften 12.-13.1.2002 in Kötschach-Mauthen Austria (difficulty race on a 28m tower) 1.Alpen-Eisklettercup Results
  • Fournel Ice-climb gathering 9.-13.January 2002
  • 2.Int.Sudtiroler Meisterschaften 20.1.2002 1.Alpen-Eisklettercup Results
  • Solčava Ice Extreme 26.and 27.1. 2002 Slovenija difficulty boulder race and speed race as 1st Slovenian open ice climbing championship Results 
  • Eis Total 2002 Alpinzentrum Rudolfshutte Austria 18.-20.1.2002
  • 1.Int.Tiroler Meisterschaften 2.-3.2.2002 Fieberbrunn Austria 1.Alpen-Eisklettercup RESULTS and pictures
  • Solcava Ice Extreme 2002 Slovenija


    Last year the ice climbing competitions were organized as the WORLD-CUP with same rules and ranking. A year later it is already obvious that the World Cup attracted many excellent climbers from all over the world, but also opened some problems that will have to be solved this season. New rules (especially the no leashes one) caused a lot of anger and long discussions even before the World cup started. During the competitions many climbers were complaining because of "crossing the "lines" that caused many disqualifications, sometimes in a very doubtful situation. Of course the rules would have to be respected, but from both sides. There was also a problem of security on the events as the competitors were not insured and in a case of an injury they had to pay for the medical care. I think medical care free of charge should always be there and not many kilometrs away. 

    You can find more information about the World Cup on the web site ICE-TIME.

    Ice climbing competitions have quite a long history - the first in Europe was in Courchevel, followed by the one in Bohinj, Slovenija in 1993 and many in Russia. Last year, a major step forward has been done by organizing the Ice Climbing World Cup. The event for the ice climbing world cup is difficulty, while speed races still exist as fun races and races out of the cup.


    Web pages from the World Cup 2001

    Web pages from the World Cup 2000


    This ice tower was the first of its kind in Europe, but unfortunatelly sice year 2000 they do not have any more competitions

    Two towers are the pride of the Tyrollean vallee


    First boulder competition was held in 1999 above Cortina