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Meeting Courmayeur 27th May 2006

Different topich have been discussed, most of the members of the UIAA Commission, Organizers, local representatives and climbers were present. Workgroups for different topics have been formed and it has been decided that all the organizers wishing to organize a World cup event must first prove their ability by organizing an international event according to all UIAA regulations. So this season we'll only have 3 events, but it is sure that they will be on high level, well organized, with good routes and judged upon same rules.

Here is the new forum for ice climbing competitions and ice conditions - please use it after it starts freezing to get fresh info of where it is possible to climb.

Hemsedal 2006

My view of Hemsedal event

Ice World cup has finished in Hemsedal (World's most expensive city) and I hope we'll see each other next year again. The page with an article about Hemsedal will be online till end of the week. Here is the unofficial ranking for the World cup and here are the results from Hemsedal.  An article in Planetmountain is here...

Saas Fee 2006

The competition in Saas Fee is the one where the best athlets in both disciplines (speed and difficulty) match every year. Before the competition there was also a training course for the new judges. Some more pics from Saas Fee
and the article about it

Spicak Czech Republic - winner Simon Wandeler, 2nd Marcus Bendler, 3rd Harry Berger among 23 competitors. Women - 1st ines Papert, 2nd Ksenja Sdobnikova, 3rd Anna Toretta among 8 women
Speed competition canceled... Read the article about it and the athlet's opinions

Val Daone - Samuel Anthamatten and Harry Berger share 1st place, Herbert Klammer 3rd! 
Ines Papert wins among women, Anna Torretta was 2nd and Stephanie Maureau 3rd
Strange new rules adopted on briefing without being published before !!!!

Slovenian cup (Slovenija) final ceremony has been on 10th of March - more under SLO cup page

First competitions have been held and it seems that they still attract a lot of competitors and very few sponsors. Maybe we should also work harder to attract the sponsors and local communities to support this sport...

 List of contacts ( UIAA CICC & judges)

We announce the tragical news that our friend and ice climbing enthusiast Michael Boos Diehl died on the North Face route on Mt. Robson on July 29th. The cause of the avalanche appeared to be from a large cornice release. He has been the soul of IWC in 2002 and 2003 and he was the one who made the Ice climbing competition rules that are now used around the world.

In memorium of Michael Boos

Season 2004/5

Season 2003/2004 History

Please report me all the scheduled competitions and events in the season 2006/2007 !

Photo: Rado Miklavcic
The swinging ice barrel...

Kötschach-Mauthen Austria hosts ice competitions every year in january.

Schedule for the winter World cup 2006/2007 competitions:

1. Val Daone Italy 19.– 21.January 2007 – World Championship Boulder

2. Saas Fee Switzerland 1.– 3.  February 2007 – World Championship Difficulty

3. Busteni Rumania 8.– 11.February 2007 – World Championship Speed

Other competitions:

1. Italian drytooling competition 23.september 2006

2. IX. International Dry Tooling and Ice Climbing Competition 2.-4.Feb.2007, Miskolc-Felsõhámor,
     Hungary,  E-mail:


2005/2006 Events:

Ice climbing World cup

1.Val Daone (boulder+speed) 19.-22.1.2006

2. Špièak Czech Republic (diff.+speed) 27.-28.1.2006

3.Saas Fee (difficulty+speed) 4.-5.2.2006

4. Busteni Romunia 10.-11.2.2006

5. Hemsedal Norway 4.-5.3.2006 Results

Hemsedal event - the structure allowed only women open/final and men open difficulty routes, all the rest ahd to be done in the Gol valley

Saas Fee 2006 - a great competition in speed and difficulty

Val Daone 2006 - men open route

Other competitions:

1. Italian cup - 7 competitions!

2. Slovenian cup - 4 competitions

3. Croatian cup - 3 competitions

4. Drytooling competition Bratislava 3.12.2005 Info

5. 6.Int. Meisterschaften Kötschach-Mauthen 7.-8.1.2006

6. 6. Kärntner und Osttiroler Meisterschaft im Eisklettern-Kötschach - Mauthen 14.-15.1.2006

7.Mojstrana speed and difficulty competition 11.-12.2. 2006 Slovenija

Schedule for the winter 2005/2006 ice meetings:

1. Fournel ice climbing event 4.-8.1.2006 France

2. Eis Total 2006 13.-15.1.2006 Rudolfshutte Austria - E mail

3.Ice climbing festival Kandersteg 6.-8.1.2006 Switzerland

4.Ouray Ice festival 11.-15.1.2006 USA

5. 9th meeting Festiglace du Québec 17-19.2. 2006 Canada 

6.Rjukan Ice festival 24.-26.2.2006 Norway

Urs Odermatt in final route - the winner of 6.Int. Meisterschaften Kötschach-Mauthen

Croatian ice climbing cup - first competition at Veli vrh Rijeka


You can find more information about the Ice World Cup on the web site IWC and download the rules HERE

Competitions 2004/5

Competitions 2003/4

Competitions 2002


Web pages from the World Cup 2001

Web pages from the World Cup 2000