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Non World cup events:

  • 4.Int.Osterreichische Meisterschaften 3.-4.1.2004 Kötschach-Mauthen Austria (difficulty race on a 28m tower) - inscriptions: sepp.lederer@oeav-obergailtal.at
  • 4.Int.Karntner und Osttiroler Meisterschaften 10.-11.1.2003 Kötschach-Mauthen Austria
  • Fournel Ice-climb gathering 7.-11. January 2004
  • Solčava Ice Extreme  31.1.-1.2. 2004 Slovenija difficulty boulder race and speed race (Slovenian cup) RESULTS 2004
  • 16.-18.1.Eis Total 2004 Alpinzentrum Rudolfshutte Austria
  • Ouray ice festival 22.-25.1.
  • 7.-8.02.2004 speed and difficulty competition in Mojstrana (Slovenian cup) Info: apecjak@yahoo.com
  • 14.2.2004 Rock on Ice Berchtesgaden
  • Results Mojstrana men

    Results Mojstrana women

    Picture gallery from Solcava

    Solcava Ice Extreme - RESULTS 2004 is the main  international ice climbing event in Slovenija. This and last year year it was as a boulder competition according to all UIAA regulations and we saw many good climbers there - also the World champion!

    Photo: Rado Miklavcic
    The swinging ice barrel...

    Kötschach-Mauthen Austria hosts ice competitions every year in january.

    Schedule for the winter 2003/2004 events:

    World cup events:

    1.Saas Fee 22.-24.jan.- world championship
    Results and gallery

    Solcava on the day of the competition - the rotesetters are still working on it

    The first event of the Slovenian cup in Solcava hosted most of the world's best climbers
    Photo: Rado Miklavcic

    4.Int.Karntner und Osttiroler Meisterschaften 10.-11.1.2003

    The 4th annual Kärntner and Osttiroler open ice climbing competition was held in Kötschach-Mauthen this weekend (10.-11. january), again attracting a large mixture of competitors from 5 differnt countries (27 male, 8 female). The two-day event represented quite a challenge for the climbers and cullminated at the end with an exciting women final (won by the strong Claudia Colussi from Italy), closely followed by the mens decision, where Primo˛ Hostnik (Slovenia) managed to tip the scale into his favour and climbed onto the 1st place, closely followed by Otmar Beier (Aut) and Urs Odermatt (CH).

    Results 4.Int.Osterreichische Meisterschaften 3.-4.1.2004 Kötschach-Mauthen

    Results 4.Int.Karntner und Osttiroler Meisterschaften 10.-11.1.2004 Kötschach-Mauthen


    This season the World cup events were cancelled due to various reasons, so only the World championship in Saas Fee has taken place this winter. But at least this event was a great one, attended by 71 men and 19 women from 14 countries from all over the world. The organizer did a great job and the event was perfectly organized till the morning hours when the party finally ended.


    You can find more information about the World Cup on the web site IWC and download the rules HERE

    Competitions 2002


    Web pages from the World Cup 2001

    Web pages from the World Cup 2000


    This ice tower was the first of its kind in Europe, but unfortunatelly sice year 2000 they do not have any more competitions


    First boulder competition was held in 1999 above Cortina