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Bohinj race Slovenija
This competition is the only one on a natural wall and was among the first in Europe.

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Boulder difficulty wall in Solčava, Slovenija where the first competition will be 22.and 23.1.2000

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Finals in the darkness
Not only being more difficult, the finals are often held in the evening when the visibility is not the best and the temperatures are low.

Up till now there are still no dates fixed for the competitions for the upcoming winter!

  • Solčava Slovenija 22.-23.january boulder difficulty race Photos and results
  • Bohinj Slovenija ?.february (too warm weather- canceled)
  • Lanzada Italy 6.february info:Elio Parolini - 0342 / 45.32.18

    Final ranking of competitors in IWC

    Here you can find results 1 hour after the race

  • Pitztal Austria 14.-16.january Some photos and results
  • Courchevel 23.-25.january race stopped because of bad conditions!
  • Cortina Italy 28.-30.january Pictures and results
  • Saas Fee Switzerland 11.-13.february
  • Kirov Russia 3.-5.march
  • Are Sweden 10.-12.march
  • This year the ice climbing competitions are organized as the WORLD-CUP with same rules and ranking. After three competitions it is already obvious that the World Cup attracted many excellent climbers from all over the world, but also opened some problems that will have to be solved till next season. New rules (especially the no leashes one) caused a lot of anger and long discussions even before the World cup started. During the competitions many climbers were complaining because of "crossing the "lines" that caused many disqualifications, sometimes in a very doubtful situation. Of course the rules would have to be respected, but from both sides. There is also a problem of security on the events as the competitors are not insured and in a case of an injury they have to pay for the medical care. I think medical care free of charge should always be there and not many kilometrs away.

    You can find more information about the World Cup on the web site ICE-TIME.

    Ice climbing competitions have quite a long history - the first in Europe was in Courchevel, followed by the one in Bohinj, Slovenija in 1993. This year, a major step forward has been done by organizing the Ice Climbing World Cup. The event for the ice climbing world cup is difficulty, while speed races still exist as fun races and races out of the cup.



    This ice tower was the first of its kind in Europe

    Two towers are the pride of the Tyrollean vallee


    First boulder competition was held in 1999 above Cortina