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Saas Fee event 03-04.2.2006

Results - Rezultati

The scenary of Saas Fee 

Evgeny did not have luck with the final route this year...

Official page of event in Saas Fee 

Saas Fee hosted an ice climbing competition where all the best competition ice climbers met and mastered the rotes did by international routesetters. The organization has been excellent and the timing exact as a Swiss watch. The ice arena in Saas Fee is unique and enables the spectators to see the athlets at a very close distance what brought houndreds of them for the speed event and on Saturday on men's finals in difficulty. I really hope to see us all there again next year...

Results difficulty men:
54 competitors

1.Bendler Marcus
2.Wandeler Simon
3.Muller Jack
4.Anthametten Samuel
5.Berger Harry
6.Anthamatte Simon
7.Kryvosheytsev Evgeny
8.Klammer Herbert

Resulta women difficulty 19 competitors:
1.Papert Ines
2.Lavarda Jenny
3.Muller Petra
4.Buchmann Kirsten
5.Eyer Alexandra
6.Koulikova Natalia
7.Torretta Anna
8.Sdobnikova Ksenia