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Last two events (Champagny and Busteni) will be remembered by arctic cold weather.
French competition was the only one with a lot of ice, all other events were mostly drytooling ones.

Commission meeting will be 9th - 10th of June 2012


Ammendments to existing UIAA Regulations

Two attempts are allowed for qualification round at lead events and three at single route speed events!

It is only allowed to use hands on ice axes (no arms, elbows...)

UIAA competition ice climbing regulations

International licence application form download
Competitors without a valid licence will not be classified in Ice Woirld Cup!!!

UIAA pages

Drytooling competitions in Brno Czech republic are the first events in december. They have built an amazing construction

Brno Drytool cup

Please report me all the scheduled competitions and events in the season 2011 !

Schedule for the winter World cup 2012 competitions:

1. Korea 13.-15.1.2012
2. Saas Fee Switzerland 19.-21.1.2012
3. Champagny en Vanoise France 2.-4.2.2012
4. Busteni Romania 9.-11.2.2012
5. Kirov Russia 8.-10.3.2012

UIAA pages - Ice climbing results

Finishinng structure in Kirov    Photo: Rozle Bregar 3.3.2011

Last preparations on the structure in Cheongsong Korea 

Other competitions 2012 :

1. 3.12.2011 Drytooling cup Zilina Slovakia Info adrian.zvara@gmail.com

2. 10.12.2011 Drytooling cup Brno Czech republic

3. 7.1.2012 12. Koetsach Mauthen Intern. Österreichische Meisterschaft Austria  More details and inscription

4. 28.-29.1. ICEFIGHT Rabenstein Italy speed and lead

5. 2.2. 3rd Open ice climbing competition Koetsach Mauthen Austria Inscription

6. 5.2. 2nd Open youth competition Koetsach Mauthen Austria Link zur Ausschreibung

7. 18.2. Tomaz Humar memorial speed competition, Mojstrana Slovenija


Schedule for the winter 2012 ice meetings:

1 .Ice climbing festival Kandersteg 6.-8.1.2012 Switzerland

2.Ouray Ice festival 5.-8.1.2011 USA

3. L'ICE Climbing Ecrines 12.-15.1.2012 France

4. Eis Total v dolini Malta 13.-15.1. 2012 Austria info@eis-total.at 

5. La Gorzderette 27.-29.1.2012 France


Pages about competitions 1998 - 2010

Competitions 2011

Competitions 2010

Competitions 2009

UIAA pages

UIAA Regulations

Application form for the UIAA license










You can find more information about the Ice World Cup on the UIAA web site

or  here