Conversion of SMART to electric vehicle by Institute Metron            



Smart and the new Letrika 20 kW asynchron three phase motor

Performance: range up to 250 km, max speed 110 kmh, recharge time 3h

Technical data

November 2012 - Students of Technical school from Skofja loka started their work on converting Piki5 at institute Metro

June 2012 - finalisation of Piki 4

December 2011 - Gasper started to work on his electric Smart - Piki 3

21. September 2011 - Piki 1 has a new owner (it has been sold) that lives in Pisece (near Krsko, Slovenia). The new owner is also quite well known in the solar industry as an inventor and manufacturer of the state of the art high accuracy sensory solar tracker controllers FUSIONSEEKER

First drive with Piki1

SUPERPIKI - august 2011

Piki 1 and 2 -Pierre Hallet & Andrej Pecjak project 2010

Piki project has been stopped in Belgium (homologation was not possible because there was no law about it), but it continues in small scale in Slovenija where new Piki's are under construction

Both SMARTs in Belgium

Electric SMART finished and did its first electric 56 km drive

First drive - video

All components are finally installed and connected

Iskra motor with adapter plate and clutch ready to be mounted

Controller and main relay installed

Electric brake servo connection

3 kW charger installation under thee front hood

Battery box installed

Battery box for LiPo batteries

IC Engine deinstallation together with the rear axle