Piki goes to Belgium                  


We managed to convert another SMART to electric vehicle in Belgium in just 5 days (from first touch till it drove the streets of Brussels)

Our team and SA Isolants Victor Hallet are settinng up  series conversion of used SMART city cars to electric vehicles by using  low voltage (up to 60V) components  from Iskra, Oprema Ravne, Thundersky and ElCon

Piki in Iskra Avtoelektrika, where authors of its powertrain have set up the software to fit SMART

Our Piki waits to be loaded on a truck for Belgium

Conversion of anothher SMART prototype in company Isolants Victor Hallet - Iskra motor is already mounted on the Smart gearbox

2.day- rear axle with electric powertrain is already on iits place

3.day - electric motor in SMART number 2 is running. Piki 1 reached Belgium and made its initial drive through Brussel.

4.day - batteries are on iits place and Piki 2 made its first electric drive through the company halls

5.day - both Pikis being cleaned for the first drive through the city

First electric cars driving Brussel - both Pikis made a drive to the restaurant where converting team celebrated its success

Famous Belgian chocolade maker Nihoul surprised our team by presenting us a chocolate SMART

9.11. - both Pikis are presented to people from Ministry of industry and development

Piki 1 and Piki 2 in front of the charginng station at headquarters of SA Isolants Hallet

Piki 1 did over 300 km driving streets of Brussels in 7 days. Piki 2 did more then 100 km with the average "consumption" of 100 Wh/km. Company  Isolants Hallet has a 30 kW PV powerplant on tzhe roof to charge electric cars

Characteristics of converted SMART:

Motor: Iskra 9 kW, max. 15 kW
Bateries: Thundersky LiIon 16x 200 Ah
range (at 60 km/h) 70 - 90 km
Max.speed: 95 km/h