Ice climbing competition in Bohinj

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Scheduled for february 2000 !

Speed competition on a 50 m high artificial waterfall Pod skalco in Bohinj

Sixteen men finals and four women finals competes in a final parallel speed race over a 25m ice wall. Qualifications at 10 a.m. over the whole 50 m waterfall.

Prizes: 8000 EURO for the best 8 men and 3 women (about 1600 EURO for 1st man)!

Entry for the competition: Andrej Pecjak Fax: 386 41 307621 or immediatelly before the beginning.

Organisation: Andrej Pikon

Bohinj 1999

Results 1999 men:

1. Marko Car SI
2. Lovro Cvetek SI
3. Erik Švab SI-IT
3. Matej Mejovšek SI
5. Pavle Kozjek SI
6. Mauro Bole Bubu IT
7. Jernej Bevk SI
8. Rok Zalokar SI
9. Franc Ferjan SI
10. Tomaž Jakofcic SI

Results women:

1. Tina Di Batista SI
2. Alenka Jerala SI
3. Jasna Pecjak SI

There was a speed record of 2 min 10 sec for the whole 50 m waterfall wan by Pavle Kozjek! The speeds increased from two years ago and all the competitors climbed the fall in times between 2'10" and 5'20". Also the women were very fast - from 4'25" to 5'50" for the whole fall.

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