13. - 14. May 2011 Alternativenergiesternfahrt - one of the biggest gatherings of electric vehicles in Europe at Worthersee. It started 13.5. in Villach and ended 14.5. in Klagenfurt. One could see many different vehicles from home made converssions to series produced cars, veterans and prototypes from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenija, Croatia, Hungary and Switzerland.

We met close to Villach where the attraction of the day has arrived - mate rimac brought his BMW with 600 BHP DC electric motor with best drag race capabilities (about 11 seconds for 400 meters)

I love that sign on his rear window

Friday evening was dedicated to traditional event at Wirtshaftskammer in Klagenfurt. As cars needed feeding, there were wires from all windows...

Honorable guest of the day was Louis Palmer who had a presentation about the 80 days journey around the World with electric cars

Next day the meeting started in Klagenfurt where we this excellent eco porsche got a lot of attention

Surprise comes when you look inside - it is the only Porsche that will run when the oil has gone

This solar car from Germany has been built back in the 90's and is still a fine examle of high efficiency

Slovenian team at Chebelca pre prototype

High tech charging of this electric beetle

At the end we would like to thank to the team of EUROZEM that has organized this meeting