How we made E espace electric vehicle

At first there was only an idea to make an electric car being better then what big companies show us. The first work started in september 2007 by taking the ICE engine out and refurnishing the engine compartment of the car. After half a year of collecting the necessary parts we started by assembling it together. 25th of July 2007 was the day when the electric motor turned for the first time. Beginning of August we made first test drives and at the end of August we drove it first time in heavy traffic of Ljubljana. Beginning of November 2007 we did the first log drive (60 km) and since then we have used it daily. After installing new LiPo batteries in May 2008 its pure electric range raised to 200 km and it became really usefull. Last modifications (double heating) have been done in January 2009. During the last year of use (10000 km) it had only one brakdown.

In April 2009 E Espace has been dismantled and its components used in other cars: LiPo batteries in Bolt, motor and controller are for sale now, DC DC converters in Sandero...

Short movie about E Espace

Technical features

Three phase asynchron 192V electric motor installed in E - espace.

900 ccm two cylinder direct injection diesel engine and 216V 3 phase generator before the installation

and after the installation...

The motor, diesel generator and regulator are fixed, now the wiring will be done

And the 40 kW three phase asynchron motor (also a Stoja d.o.o. product)

Small parts before the installation - winter 2006

24.5.2007 - the car is going to be assembled and is expected to drive soon

Batteries in the trunk of the car - first version with lead acid

16.6.2007 Final assembly of the car, wiring and installation of all parts

Specialist Miro Zoric booting the car. This was the day when the EM turned for the first time and all the systems went on...

 11.7.2007 Countdown begins - switching on individual devices

On 9th of August it made first movement on electric power. A day earlier diesel generator has started for the first time. On 10th of August the batteries have been fully recharged by internal charger.

First test drive on streets of Ljubljana of around 3 km on pure battery power finished sucessfully on 21st of August 2007!
All components are working well, Mr.Zoric has programed the software during the test drive. Till end of next week the car is expected to be fully functional as hybrid as well.

30.10.2007 E Espace driving around Ljubljana
Development of  power splitting electronics took us one additional month and now it finally drives in both modes - pure EV and HEV mode. It needs another week to finish auxilliary systems like heating etc.

December 2007 -a new car has been put into modification - this time a pure electric one

April 2008 - we have got homologation to use E Espace on roads - actually we did use it on roads as well before and violated a law, but we have a good excuse - it is impossible to test a prototype without driving it in real conditions unless you have a huge testing ground like big car companies have.

7.5.2008 - KOKAM Li-Po batteries have arrived - 200 Ah 3,7 V cell with weight of only 4 kg!

23.7.2008 - Final view of the battery compartment

20.4.2009 E Espace will be dissasembled and a new car will be done from EV components of E Espace