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The task is to convert a series gasoline car BYD F0 (I have never seen before) to electric vehicle in 12 days

Electric airplane with 40 kW motor ready to cut my head

Great job - the battery box is on its place!

Waiting in the company restaurant to get something to eat

It is not bad at all!

The car drives 6 days after we started the work! Click on the picture for a video of the first drive (9 Mb)

As Yuneec is a company producing electric model airplanes we went to a meadow to play...

A very thrilling moment for every engineer - buying components at Shanghai Electronic market where you can get everything - if you find it in the big mess of different tiny shops

The building containing this market is immense and impossible to search in less then a week

Being turists on sunday - visit at the Humble administrator's garden in Soghou

That is silk cocoon

Charging an electric bycicle - millions of them and no public charging stations!

BYD Elektro on the road

and driving...

Visiting a city Jinxi which is like Asian Venice

Local barber shop...