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Slovenian page about conditions (someone could get the point though it is in our language.. - at least the pictures are international...)

Live camera at Kredarica (2500m) just under the summit of Triglav. Conditions in Maltatal (Austria)


11th of February 2023

The last week has been cold and there are some icefalls that could be climbed. Not too many, but some... next week will be very warm, so this is the last weekend of ice climbing in Slovenija for this season.

One can climb icefalls under Prisank (Kranjska gora), Tamar valley (Planica), Predel and Logarska valley. Please not that it is crowded as not many icefalls are done!

25th of December 2022

Sorry, but there will be no ice for at least one more month. We have record high temperatures in the mountains, Kredarica at 2500 m has 5 degrees above zero! Warm weather has been here for more then a week and seems it will stay for a while.

There is some mixed quality snow above 1500 m of altitude. 


The conditions were great for more then one month, but I was climbing too much, so I forgot to post. Sorry, will be better next season!

11th of January 2021

It was really wet and warm till now with tons of snow and heavy avalanches above 1400 m of altitude. No go to the mountains, fortunatelly we have a lockdown due to Corona...

Now it starts to freeze, but at least 10 days of such cold would be needed to have the first icefall done. Lots of snow don't help either...

17th of January 2020

Some (really just some) icefalls are possible to climb with thin ice and not really good ice conditions. Sinji slap (Jezersko), Desni slap (Prisank) are the ones with reported climbs during last days. It is still too warm, especially during the day. There are good conditions in some north faces, snow is frozen and hard, so many routes have been climbed (Julian Alps, Kamnik Alps above Jezersko like Grintavcev steber)

25th of December 2019

There is no ice except in the fridge :( December has been far too warm, icefalls are waterfalls now and snow starts above 1200 m. Till new year there are virtually no chances for ice climbing in Slovenia... When or better if ice appears, we will inform immediately :)

12th of January 2019

Temperatures have been perfect for ice and it is already possible to climb some icefalls. There is almost no snow in the mountains (just the opposite as the north side of the Alps) and there is not much water, so icefalls are thin and steep - quite a grade more difficult then normally. Because there are many eager climbers and just few icefalls, one might expect crowd during weekends

What is possible to climb:

Tamar valley: Desni slap, Centralni slap and Slap nad votlino are well done and are frequently climbed.

Prisank (access from road from Kranjska gora to Vrsic): Desni (partly) and Levi (also partly) under Prisank, First and second icefall at Prednja Glava (picture below)

Jezersko: Sinji slap and lower and upper Ledinski slap (quite harder...)

Logarska valley: Palenk, Susica and icefalls at Klemenca Jama

5th of December 2017

It's freezing and icefalls are growing! Some more days and they wil be ready to climb!

Below: Central fall in Tamar on 4th of December

23 rd of February 2017

Weather is spring - like and icefalls are melting. There are still some climbable icefalls in remote valleys (like Tamar), but won't last long. Seems the ice season has been over!


5 th of February 2017

Till some days ago it has been great, freezing all around, also some mountain routes were great.

Now it is raining till 1500 m, higher it is snowing. Weather prediction is bad, rain and partly snow for the next days.
If it cools down a bit, some icefalls might even survive.
But generally speaking, snaw is falling and ice is melting in the mountains

17 th of january 2017

More and more ice, now also some snow (10-40 cm depending on location)

12 th of january 2017

Conditoions are improving, it is still very cold. prisank area: Central fall is in climbable condition

Logarska valley. kaskade, Avtocesta, Palenk, Susuica, Ivovci are OK

Predel: all icefalls under the fortress are OK, Rajbel is also OK (in Italy), icfall in log pod Mangrtom is also well done

Martuljek: Lucifer and Stitiofobia are OK

Tamar: no news, but al least Desni (Right fall) was OK

Jezersko: Sinji icefall

Also some more exotic icefalls lower in valleys are well done

8th of january 2017

It is freezing 24h per day, so more and more ice is in good condition. unfortunatelly there is no snow and hasn't been raining for a month, so only icefally with lots of water have enough ice. At the moment it is possibloe to climb Desni (right) icefall in tamar, possibly also something else. At jezersko so far only Sinji fall is done. Logarska valley has at least 3 good icefalls, but no harder icefall is in good condition: Palenk (Wi3), Avtocesta and Kaskade (Wi2Very good conditions are under border pass Predel (Predilo SLO-Italy) under the ancient fortress.

Middle and right icefall "Pod trdnjavo - under the fortress", Predel on 7th january. There are two more icefalls in good condition to the left of the above ones.

31 st of december 2016

Finally some climbable ice appeared and finally it is below freezing point at least during the night! Sinji icefall (Jezersko) is good enough for a safe climb, Viki's candle lacks some ice and so do Ledine falls. No news from other regions.


18 th of december 2016

There have been some colder periods, but mostly it is far too warm with no snow and no climbable ice around. Actually conditions in S faces of our Alps are more summer then winter... below is picture of Central icefall in Tamar valley today :(


3rd of february 2016

Last week it has been far too warm, so all the icefalls that were allready half-done have collapsed. Temperature now is above 10 degrees and even during the night it does not freeze :( There is slightly colder weather predicted for the end of the week, but not cold enough to make icefalls ourt of waterfalls. If there will be no reall cold till mid February, then we can consider this winter lost from the ice climbing point of view.

23rd of January 2016

Cold and dry weather continues, so ice is forming well. There are some icefalls ready under Prisank and at Logarska valley, but as ice continues, there will be more of them well done in few days

17th of January 2016

It was really warm and rainy till 15th of January, now it is cold and ice is forming, but nothing is yet ready. Some gulleys in the mountains are well done (Mojstrovka at Vrsic pass, Vrtaca above Ljubelj pass)

21st of December 2015

No ice at all! Almost summer conditions, especially high in the mountains.

4th March

 Ice is slowly melting though Jezersko still offers some ice and probably also in Tamar one could find something. But days are warm, weekend will be even warmer, so one should not expect much

24th February

 It is raininng now below 1200m, higher up it snows. Bad weather for ice anyway... If it won't be too warm, Tamar Valley icefalls , Prisank and Jezersko icefalls could survive. Till next week there is no chance of climbiing ice!

14th February

 Cold nights during last week enabled some ice areas to freeze enough water for climbing. Tamar Valley icefalls are well done,  also icefalls under Prisank and at least Sinji fall at Jezersko. Logarska valley is still too wet, also other lower ice hunting areas in Slovenija

4th February

 It will snow heavily tomorrow and on Friday. Temperatures are around zero, so not much ice is expected, but be sure to avoid mountains next few days unless you want to end up in an avalanche.

26th January 2015

There is some ice under Prisank (central fall has been climbed), everywhere else conditions are bad due to warm weather. Some snowfall and colder weather is predicted for end of the month, so conditions might become better.

11th January 2015

In the meantime there were 2 icefalls in climbable (but not good) condition and one at Jezersko (Sinji slap). At the moment it is raining and  temperatures are high, so no climbable ice is expected during next week! Below - Rastlinca in tamar valley on 9th of january - a day before it melted.

3rd January 2015

There are still no climbable icefalls in Slovenija at the moment, but there might be some during next days. Unfortunatelly weather prediction is "warm", but maybe it won't be too warm... In Maltatal (Austria) there are some nice icefalls to climb, but one should expect crowd.

30th Decemmber 2014

Finally we have snow and it is getting cold! A week ago it was still warm, now it freezes day and night.  Generally conditions are still bad (fresh snow in the mountains, high wind, no ice yet), but if the weather continues, some places might see first ice climbing in a week or 10 days. Places like Tamar valley remain deep under freezing point whole day. We will report first successfull ice climb when it happens! Happy New year 2015 and lots of ice everywhere except on the roads!

16th March 2014

One of the worst ice climbing winters is finally over... There is still snow in the mountains, but temperatures are high. See you next year...

8th February 2014

Slovenija has suffered one of the worst winter weather catastrophes as ice has destroyed electricity, forests and facilities all around. No ice for climbing though trees were covered by 10 cm of ice in some areas.Ice climbing for this season seems to be over...

Urban ice climbing in Postojna that looked like "ice age"

1st February 2014

Chatastrophic conditions! A mixture of rain and ice is falling from the sky, but there are no icefalls. A lot (really) a lot of snow has fallen up in the mountains during last few days, avalanche danger is extreme.

18th January 2014

Raining, raining and raining... Snowing above 1500m

13th January 2014

Still warm weather with no ice around. Tomorrow it will be raining...

2nd January 2014

No ice in Slovenija! It is warm and rainy, snowy in the mountains. High avalanche danger and nothing to do for climbers except eating and drinking... Same weather prediction for the next 10 days!

22th December 2013

Unfortunatelly it is very warm and ice is melting. Probably there is no more ice that could be climbed in a safe way, at least not in Slovenija. Weather prediction is warm (cloudy, not sunny) for the next 10 days.

17th December 2013

Weather is still good with cold nights and warm sunny days (except in valleys with fog). It is possible to climb ice in Tamar valley ( Rastlinca, Centralni and Milanova smar) and also some other places.

4th December 2013

We have perfect ice climbing weather: sunny days and cold nights. Sinji icefall at Jezersko has been climbed, maybe there are alos some otheer easy icefalls ready to be climbed. At 1500 m there is about 50 cm of snow, winter climbing conditions are not the best, but also not the worst. As it seems such weather will continue.

12th March 2013

It is warm and rainy and most of the ice has gone. Higher up it is snowing, so conditions are bad and dangerous

11th February 2013

It is getting colder and besides tamar also some other icefalls are OK (under Prisojnik). Unfortunally tomorrow it will start snowing...

7th February 2013

The only icefalls that are in quite good condition are in tamar valley, but there is still a high avalange danger. Probably from Sundaay on it will be safe enough to climb. In Julian Alps there is about 30 cm of fresh dry snow (heavy snowfall was on 6th of February)

18th January 2013

All icefalls have melted and there is a lot of fresh snow in the mountains. Avalange danger is very high and on Sunday rain till 1500m is predicted

5th January 2013

Far too warm, all icefalls have melted, snow starts above 1100 meters. Good conditions in some coluoirs.

23rd December 2012

Some icefalls have been climbed mainly in Tamar valley and around Predel border pass with Italy. Some coluoirs and gulleys are well done, but weather predictions show warming up, so most of the ice will be gone

11th December 2012

Getting cold and maybe, just maybe there will be some ice to climb during next days... Mountain conditions: snow (0,5 to 1 meter) and windy, very cold

22nd February 2012

It is warm and ice is rapidly melting. Some icefalls (not vertical candles) can still be climbed especially in cold Tamar valley. Most of the ice has either become water or is dangerous.

11th February 2012

It is still cold (around -10 during the night and -5 during the day), so most of the icefalls are well formed. North west of Slovenija is almost without snow while there is more snow in Logarska valley and Jezersko. Almost all icefalls are well done in Bohinj area, around Prisank, Martuljek, Tamar, Predel, Trenta valley and Logarska valley.

28th of january 2012 

cold and dry weather continues, so more and more icefalls are in good condition. Logarska valley now has some ice and it is reported that it is also possible to climb some falls in upper Trenta valley

25th of January 2012

Weather is still too warm, but icefalls in tamar seem to be in a bit better condition. There is also some ice at lower Prisojnik under pass Vrsic. It is also possible to climb ice at artificial icefalls at Mojstrana

21st of january 2012

At the moment there are only 2 climbable icefalls in Tamar valley, but especially during weekends there is quite a crowd. Unfortunatelly we have too warm weather - like spring.
One ice/snow route is well done - at jezersko so called Teranova route (300m ) and also around Vrsic pass there are some snow coluoirs and some almost done icefalls



3.3.2011 Still the same, besides icefalls in Tamar and under Prisank also Jezersko has good conditions. Higher up there are unpleasant snow conditions

27.2.2011 Perfect ice conditions in Tamar valley, also good conditions in icefalls under Prisank (Vrsic pass above Kranjska gora area).

14.2.2011 I just got a message from a climber that Central fall in Tamar was still good this weekend. It is raining now with some light snow in "ice valleys" like Tamar

12.2.2011 Mostly warm weather and majority of the ice has gone. There are still icefalls in Tamar and in some areas snow conditions in walls are really good.

1.2.2011 More icefalls are good - like Lusev graben in Bohinj, some falls in Logarska valley. Unfortunatelly the temperatures are rising...

28.1.2011 Good conditions in Tamar (Central fall, Rastlinca, Nad votlino), good conditions under Prisank (Central fall), good conditions at Predel border pass (Slo-Italy) and below Vrsic pass on Trenta side (Srecno Kekec and nearby falls). Good conditions in gulleys and culoirs up to 2200m, higher up some unpleasant forms of snow

24.1.2011 Freezing again (after warm weather) and some icefalls in Tamar and higher up are in good condition.

31.12.2010 Rain did some damage, but last week was cold and it seems to stay like this for at least another weak. It is possible to climb some ice in Tamar (central fall) and Jezersko (Sinji and Teranova route), the rest is still too wet.

13.12.2010 It is getting cold now and if it keeps freezing, we might see some icefalls in a week. Weather is good and partly sunny.

7.12.2010 Shitty weather - after a lot of snow it is raining now -:( No ice, but lots of dangerous snow in the mountains.

26.11.2010 Snow above 1400 m and predicted snowing all around Slovenija this weekend. Some snow coluoirs are formed, but no ice yet.

11.3.2010 Some icefalls in Tamar and higher up are still OK, all the rest has gone. Very high avalanche danger in the mountains!

1.3.2010 Everything is melting, a lot of snow in the mountains. Some higher icefalls might still be OK, but the approach could be dangerous

23.2.2010 Rainy and warm, most of the low ice has gone. Higher up there is still a high avalanche risk

18.2.2010 Warming up and raining! Ice is no more safe and the temperatures predicted are high! Maybe after weekend it will be cold again...

12.2.2010 Perfect ice climbing conditions, but a lot of fresh snow and high avalanche danger! Try lower icefalls, they are well done too.

30.1. 2010 Quite a lot of ice, conditions getting better, but a lot of snow today...

24.1.2010 Cold weather continues, but still not much ice. Good ice climbing is reported in Tamar (crowd!). Besides, some high placed icefalls are done, lower ones not yet. Some routes in the mountains are well done.

13.1.2010 Lots of snow during last week, some ice in Tamar but generally conditions are bad. Light snowfall predicted till end of the week, temperatures around freezing point

4.1.2010 Freezing again, but no icefalls yet. If it continues there might be some ice in Tamar till end of the week

1.1.2010 Meanwhile there were some days really good for iceclimbing, but now it is again warm and rainy. If it starts freezing next week, there might be a chance to climb some ice in a week. Not worth coming for ice in next days -:(

If you want to spend your climbing holiday in Slovenia, I bet you'll be able to do some nice climbs this winter and in case of bad weather at least have good food and drink for reasonable price! Send mail if you need accomodation or ice condition info. E Mail

Picture gallery winter 2002/2003/2004


Weather report for Slovenija Austrian Alpine weather report  Ice conditions in France

Skusnjava in Logarska valley (Wi 6-, 90m) on the left and Stiriofobia (Wi 6,150m) on the right

01.01.2002 Deza falls (left and right one) close to lake Bohinj (Wi 4+ and Wi 4-)

Susica(Wi 4+) in Logarska valley and Lopcki slap in Robanov kot close to it.

Ice just under the Predel border pass (SLO-I border). These icefalls are frozen among first and can survive periods of warm weather -:)