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Deza falls (left and right one) close to lake Bohinj -  How to get there: 

When you drive from Bled to Bohinj, you turn right for Jereka and drive uphil till you come to the village Jereka. There you turn left following a roadsign Podjelje and when you come ( to Sp.Podjelje) you park at the first house on the left and follow a path towards left that goes slightly down. You see the left icefall from the road while the right one is hidden in the woods the right and you do not see it until you are directly under. So, follow the path (1 m wide) and when you come directly below the two falls you go straight up the creek. From the car 20-30 min. To descent go right 200m over the woods and then straight down to the spot where you entered the creek.The fall is enlighted by sunshine so you better climb it early if the day is not really cold.  It is quite easy (Wi 4-), the only steep part is the candle on the begining, but it is well done. The left one has less ice and is steeper (Wi 4+). On the same area the following falls are in good condition: Lusev graben -Voje, Vis-a-vis (you see it from the main road Bled-Bohinj on the right side when the vally becomes very narrow at the abandoned railway house).


Kupljenk Icefall - close to Selo by Bled (crossing Sava river)