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Logarska dolina (Logarska valley)

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Susica(Wi 4+) in Logarska valley and Lopcki slap(Wi 5-) in Robanov kot close to it.

The first is after Solcava deeper in the Logarska valley on the left side where the path goes to the hut Klemeca jama. You do not see it from the road, but you drive in Logarska valley as long as you can, park at the bridge at Dom planincev hut and follow the path about 5 min. It is on the left side of the valley, first pitch is 60m LONG, so take a propriate rope! First 60m are quite steep (starting 65 deg, ending 90), next two pitches are easy. You end the ascent when a path crosses the fall. Descend to the right on the path!
The second is in Robanov kot (a few km before Solcave just before a ponton bridge go left). Drive to the valley, park at the last house, pay 300 SIT for parking and walk 30min to the valley. The fall is on the left side, easily seen from the road. Ascent 20 min from the road. First 20m 65 to 70 deg, after is a 70m pitch that is quite steep, but not 90 (70-85). You can make a belay on 40m. No pitons!
Descent: climb the creek up another 100 or200m, find a path on the left and descent on it.

Susica on the left and Lopcki on the right

Skusnjava in Logarska valley 23.1.2003 (Wi 6-, 90m)