Ice climbing world cup


1. Val Daone 18.1.2008 -20.1.2008
2. Busteni 8.2. - 10.2.2008
3. Saas Fee 21.2.-23.2.2008

Letter to all competition ice climbers from Pavel Shabalin (member of the Commission)
regarding spurs in season 2006/7


Final ranking on UIAA World cup 2005/6 

Ice climbing world cup is alive again! 


We announce the tragical news that our friend and ice climbing enthusiast Michael Boos Diehl died on the North Face route on Mt. Robson on July 29th. The cause of the avalanche appeared to be from a large cornice release. He has been the soul of IWC in 2002 and 2003 and he was the one who made the Ice climbing competition rules that are now used around the world.

In memorium of Michael Boos