Dacia Sandero Electric - Iskra motor

1.september 2011 - Sandero with Iskra motor has been finished and is now driving

Second prototype driving powered by Iskra motor and Curtis controller - july 2011

We have converted two new Dacia Sandero cars to electric vehicles. The first one - already driven more then 13000 km - is a high range family car that was built to prove that electric cars for medium distances (200-400 km) are already possible. The second (still new) is a cheaper version suitable for series conversion and still with a range of 120-180 km and top speed of 130 km/h.

Technical data:

Max.speed 130 km/h
Range: 120 - 180 km (depending of driving style)
Empty weight: 1060 kg

Motor: 3 phase asynchron Iskra aircooled mounted on 5 speed gearbox
Battery: LiPo Kokam 22 cells 240 Ah, 81,4V nominal, 19,5 kWh of energy
Heater: electric water heater Intesi 2 kW
Charger: ElCon 3 kW (6h charging time)
ABS, 2 airbags, heated batteries, central locking, warning sound emulator

Sandero Elektro exposed at Ljubljana fair 3.-5.9.2011