Climbing Korean Seoraksan ice

Climbing Mepawi icefall at -14 C and high wind

Mepawi icefall

Here we got apartment with heated floor to warm up our bones

The paper one needs for climbing (or hiking outside trail) at Seorak national park

Sosung icefall: 70 meters of vertical and overhanged ice

Andrej starting the first pitch

Ahn starting the second pitch

Climbing the second pitch

Freeezing under splashes of water....

Kim and Andrej at stand

Excellent Korean food after each climb

2 kg of raw fish for 4 persons after Susong icefall

Sil icefall

Concrete hard dry ice

Reaching the top...

At the end of 7 km valley there is an interesting temple

This was a good place for meditaions

Icefall on the way to the temple, but no permission to climb it....